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A Child’s Journey: Healing Through Playing

A Child's Journey: Healing Through Playing

Speaking and being understood is important to integrate into today’s world. We have speech therapy in New London, Connecticut to provide additional support to your child’s development.

Despite our love for our children, there are circumstances beyond our control that make even their early life difficult. Illnesses, accidents, or diseases are some of these situations. However, they can recover, too. With proper interventions or skilled professionals such as a speech pathologist in Connecticut.

These situations may be difficult and can potentially impact not just their physical development but their overall development. Hospitalizations may void the child with opportunities to socialize with children their age. Some conditions may prevent them from observing, acquiring, and learning new skills such as speech and language.

However, a child’s mind is an opportunity to heal. Using playtimes to understand emotions and encourage creativity, children will eventually start their healing process.

Playtimes are often seen as a time when a child can truly be a child. It is when they see the world as they want them to see it. When the right toys, storytelling, and playmates are introduced, the process to relieve pain, uncover anxiety and understand emotions begins.

Talk and Play LLC has so much more to say. We teach children to communicate and connect. With the right guidance and tools, children can break communication barriers that hinder their ability to connect with others. Our staff provides guidance to the children under our care. Call us for an appointment.

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