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Language: A Powerful Tool on a Child’s Development

Language: A Powerful Tool on a Child's Development

Language is a very powerful influence on a child’s development. The ability to acquire and comprehend language is a unique adaptation in our survival kit. But language, unlike other skills, can only be learned from another human. Studies show that a child can’t learn speech and language just by watching the television or radio.

Hence, a child’s language skills should have a solid foundation to ensure competence in critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making. The fundamental ingredient is direct and regular interactions with a warm, engaging person. You can find a great speech pathologist in Connecticut to help your child develop better language skills. However, as parents, you are their first teachers. Here are some ways to build your child’s foundation by being responsive:

  • Face-to-Face.
    Make it a habit to talk face-to-face and down with your child, especially if they have delayed language development. The goal is to see and hear them properly. Also, it will let them know that you are interested and ready to interact with them.
  • Patience.
    Be patient and take time to observe their actions, wait for their answer, and listen attentively. Avoid interrupting them.
  • Join In.
    Do not be a passive listener. Pay attention to their interests. You may imitate their sounds and actions, make a comment, and play with them.

Being a responsive parent builds a better communication foundation for your child. A young brain that is stimulated with appropriate experiences is better prepared for mastering the wonderful tool of language. Talk and Play LLC provides outstanding speech therapy in New London, Connecticut that uses the right guidance and tools to teach children, not just to communicate but to connect as well.

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