Enjoy connecting with your child.

  • Understand your child’s needs.
  • Facilitate speech and language development.
  • Play joyfully.
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  • Engage in conversations.
  • Support positive behaviors.
  • Strengthen parent-child relationships.
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Welcome to Talk and Play LLC

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You have done everything you can think of to teach your child how to talk, but you are not seeing much progress.

Are you feeling:

  • Stressed?
  • Frustrated?
  • Isolated?
  • Helpless?

At Talk and Play LLC, we provide you with the tools and strategies you need to help you help your child communicate with confidence.

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3Steps to Get Your Child Talking

Evaluate Your Child

Identify your child’s stage of communication and language development.

Set Goals and Select Strategies

Create a practice plan to advance language and communication skills.

Do It Everyday

Integrate strategies and techniques in daily activities and routines.

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Talk and Play can help you help your child to talk.

Dr. Amy

Amy Anderson MoncySLP.D., CCC-SLP

Founder of Talk and Play, LLC.

Speech Language Pathologist

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We know you that you are struggling to teach your child to talk. Learning to talk is a very complex process and you are looking for expert help. Dr. Amy has spent the last 25+ years helping parents help their children become confident communicators using evidenced based practices in a play-based approach. As ASHA Certified Speech Language Pathologists, we use our unique background and experiences to provide you with clear answers and information to support your child’s language and communication development to communicate and connect.

With a confident communicator:

  • You no longer have to interpret for your child so family members can understand wants.
  • You no longer have to struggle to understand what your child needs.
  • Your child enjoys playing with you and others.
  • You can leave your child with a trusted caregiver.
  • You reduce your child’s risk of speech and language delays/disorders.
  • Your child will have positive interactions and connections to strengthen relationships.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?
To get started, you will need to request a referral for a speech language evaluation and treatment from your pediatrician. Your pediatrician should fax the referral to our office at 833-962-2933. Once we receive the referral, we will contact you to schedule the evaluation.
Do you take insurance my insurance?
We are currently in network with Anthem, Optum, United Healthcare, CT Husky, Tricare and Aetna.
How long are the sessions?
Speech language therapy is typically 30-40 minutes.
How many sessions would my child need?
The number of sessions for your child to be a great communicator is dependent upon goals, level of participation and progress.
When do you offer services?
We offer services Monday through Saturday. Evening hours are also available.
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Have more fun together.

My 3 -year-old was nonresponsive and only interested in lining up objects. I did just what the plan said to do. My son is now demonstrating shared attention, putting words together and prefers to interact with me instead of lining up toys.

Forever grateful,
Thania Martin

My 4-year- old daughter has a diagnosis of autism and had difficulty communicating with me. She would scream and cry to protest and her grandparents were not able to understand her needs. With the use of the strategies in my plan, my daughter has transformed from screaming to protest to engaging in back-and- forth interactions during play and routines.

Iza Rodriguez

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I use to ask my 7-year-old daughter a lot of questions to get her to tell me about her school day. With use of the responsive strategies, she is having a conversation with me about her day.

Happy Parent,
Doris Hernandez

We are an in-network provider for the following insurance companies.

  • bcbs
  • husky
  • optum
  • aetna
  • united healthcare
  • tricare