How Speech Therapy Benefits Children

a teacher teaching a student how to read letters

Speech therapy is a method that focuses on helping children enhance their speech and language skills. Provided by a speech pathologist, this may also be provided to help children improve their fluency and communication skills in both written and oral format.

As a provider of speech therapy in New London, Connecticut, we at Talk and Play LLC will discuss the different ways speech therapy can benefit children:

  • It enhances social skills
  • Through speech therapy, kids develop their social skills by learning how to carry a conversation and the different emotions that match various facial expressions. It can also address abstract ideas, such as learning how to identify non-verbal body language and how to communicate in different situations.

  • It develops both reading and writing skills
  • Academically, speech therapy develops both reading and writing skills. A speech pathologist addresses a child’s literacy through reading, spelling, and writing. Through treatment, they can identify the root cause of a child’s literacy problems and use the best approach to develop their abilities.

  • It improves cognitive development
  • Speech therapy supports overall cognitive development since communication and speech are key aspects of a child’s development. Through therapy, children can improve their vocabulary, enhance their problem-solving skills, and learn effective study methods to support their cognitive development from a young age.

Do you think your child can benefit from speech therapy? If so, feel free to reach out to us to set an appointment with a professional speech pathologist in Connecticut.

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