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How Young Ones Benefit From Playgroup

How Young Ones Benefit From Playgroup

A range of activities may not be done at home but can be done in playgroups. This provides a perfect opportunity for children to socially engage with others and try new things, as well as allowing parents to meet other parents with children in the same group. A speech pathologist in Connecticut lists the following benefits:

  • Social skills
    Children have their own approach toward developing their social skills. From ages one to three, children start developing speech and language and social skills at their own pace while ages three to five are when they start truly interacting with others. Playgroup activities follow the lead of a child.
  • Emotional confidence
    A sense of attachment and stability starts at home. When children are assisted by their parents or carers to a playgroup, it strengthens their bond, creates a shared experience, and provides a safe test of separation for children, which is essential to building their confidence.
  • Imagination and creativity
    Playgroup allows them to play in an unstructured way which is a key strategy for developing children’s creativity. This is important as it is in the first three years of life that children develop 80% of their brain.
  • Physical activity
    Children get very active in playgroup. They can jump, sing, playdough, mold, run, and more. The range of activities varies as there may be kids not fond of physical activities.

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