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Mix It Up: Different Types of Play for Children

Mix It Up: Different Types of Play for Children

As the saying goes, “A child who does not play is not a child.”

Children learn a variety of skills through playing. It is an essential factor in building safe, stable, and nurturing relationships for families. 

Aside from playing indoors, there are different types of play that your child can engage in. Here’s a rundown on the three most common types of play that help children learn and grow:

  • Physical play
    This involves free play which develops motor planning skills, allowing children to use their creative minds and physical abilities. Physical play engages a child’s natural curiosity, enthusiasm, and love for discovery.
  • Outdoor play
    Children take delight in seeing new animals, smelling flowers, stomping on puddles, and eating fruits freshly picked from the trees. So, taking them outdoors helps improve their sensory skills, as well as nurtures their appreciation of nature.
  • Pretend play
    Roleplaying is a great activity for children to expand their imagination and vocabulary. Most types of interaction through pretend play has a positive effect on your kid’s speech and language skills. 

Do you have concerns regarding your child’s speech development? To better understand your child’s situation, you’ll need to see a speech pathologist in Connecticut.
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