Promoting Language and Speech Development in Kids

group of teachers and kids interacting each other

Speech and language are crucial aspects of the cognitive development of young children. Learning how to communicate effectively is essential to enable learning and establish a solid foundation for their education. If you want your child to get a head start on their language skills, setting an appointment with a speech expert will help.

Aside from seeing a speech pathologist in Connecticut, playtime can be utilized as a tool to develop their skills while providing a fun-filled activity they will enjoy. Here, we will share a few activities you can do at home to encourage language and speech development:

  • Word games
  • Playing word games will expand your child’s vocabulary. Riddles are a great way to use new words and new phrases that they have learned. Another example is reciting tongue twisters together. Tongue twisters are a whimsical way of learning the proper pronunciation and enunciation of certain words.

  • Storytelling
  • Aside from reading storybooks, you can also share stories together. Whether make-believe or real, reciting stories and encouraging your child to come up with the next event in the story will help sharpen their mind and communication skills. Exchanging stories also encourage them to be imaginative and creative.

  • Singing rhymes/songs
  • Singing songs or rhymes are a fun way to learn new sentences and unfamiliar words. Since the lyrics of these songs have a rhyme and rhythm to them, children find it easier to learn. You can also try putting a tune to a new activity to boost learning and retention.

As experts in speech therapy in New London, Connecticut, we at Talk and Play LLC understand the importance of honing your child’s communication skills. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our speech-language services and PLAY project.

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