Simple Ways to Promote Your Child’s Language Development

a boy and a man reading a book

Aside from your child’s speech pathologist in Connecticut, your role as their parents plays an important part in their language development. Research conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that adult to child conversation can help develop the child’s brain. As specialists in language and development, we will share simple ways to promote your child’s language development:

  • Engage in conversation
  • One way to develop your child’s speech and language is by engaging them in conversation throughout the day. You can talk about the weather, feelings, and other activities that include social engagement among them. This can help establish the foundation for their communication skills.

  • Establish a reading routine
  • Set aside a time each day for reading. You can start with simple storybooks and gradually move on to picture books with more complex storylines as your child grows older. This helps expand their vocabulary and allows them to associate images and emotions with specific words.

  • Enjoy music together
  • Another way to build your child’s language skills is by listening to music together. Lively nursery rhymes are a great way to help children learn more about the world around them and the natural rhythm of language.

Talk and Play LLC is a certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Through a play-based approach, we promote language learning to develop your child’s communication skills. Reach out to us to learn more about receiving speech therapy in New London, Connecticut for your child.

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