young students holding a white board

The Benefits of Imaginative Play

Pretend play provides an outlet for children’s imagination. They learn through imagining and doing. If you see them picking a stone and pretend it’s a race car or diving in the bed as if swimming in an ocean, you see a healthy child in the...

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two woman playing with young children

How Young Ones Benefit From Playgroup

A range of activities may not be done at home but can be done in playgroups. This provides a perfect opportunity for children to socially engage with others and try new things, as well as allowing parents to meet other parents with children in the...

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young children throwing caps

Mix It Up: Different Types of Play for Children

As the saying goes, “A child who does not play is not a child.” Children learn a variety of skills through playing. It is an essential factor in building safe, stable, and nurturing relationships for families. Aside from playing indoors, there...

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group of children holding a kite

The Benefits of Playtime for Children

Communication is an important life skill. At Talk and Play LLC, we understand that communication is a channel to connection, which is what we ultimately sought after. Speech and language are necessary tools for which we equip young children as they...

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group of children running on the grass

A Child’s Journey: Healing Through Playing

Speaking and being understood is important to integrate into today’s world. We have speech therapy in New London, Connecticut to provide additional support to your child’s development. Despite our love for our children, there are circumstances...

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woman showing a letter to a boy

Language: A Powerful Tool on a Child’s Development

Language is a very powerful influence on a child’s development. The ability to acquire and comprehend language is a unique adaptation in our survival kit. But language, unlike other skills, can only be learned from another human. Studies show that...

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