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The Benefits of Playtime for Children

The Benefits of Playtime for Children

Communication is an important life skill. At Talk and Play LLC, we understand that communication is a channel to connection, which is what we ultimately sought after. Speech and language are necessary tools for which we equip young children as they grow.

Our speech therapy in New London, Connecticut includes a carefully designed program to meet the child’s condition with the desired speech goals. To practice communication, we encourage children to learn through playing.

A child’s play is not a waste of time. It is an essential component of learning that matches their age. While they are playing, they get a lot more benefits than what we see. In the same mode of relief as the adults, playtimes lower the tension by releasing held up emotions of worry and anger. Children experience stress too, and playing provides an avenue to channel their emotions and shift their focus.

Parents who devote playtime with their children are more likely to develop a stronger bond with them. The child sees their authority figures as someone they can enjoy to be with, and they will remember that as they grow.

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